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The Brotherhood of Greatness #MakatiIsBack

2020 National President Mark David Dedicates His Heartfelt Message To JCI Philippines

JCI Philippines is bracing for a more progressive and stronger year under the leadership of 2020 National President Mark Joseph David. He has several feathers under his cap and numerous accolades before being elected as the 2020 National President of the organization. 

At a young age of 34, Pres. David has already achieved milestones ahead of his contemporaries. He serves as the Vice President of Pal Maritime Corporation, a ship crew management, and Chief Executive Officer of Marked Apps Inc., an apps solutions company. He graduated from prestigious institutions including St. Andrews School in Parañaque (high school) and De La Salle University-Dasmariñas where he finished BS in Political Science.

His long-time commitment and decorated career in JCI Philippines started more than a decade ago. Pres. David began this fulfilling journey way back in 2005 as he joined JCI Parañaque Pambato chapter. In 2012, he was elected as the President of the same chapter. His fueling determination to serve more has led him to become the Regional Vice President for Metro South Region of JCI Philippines in 2013.

In the same year, he was recognized with the Most Outstanding Regional Vice President Award in the National Convention held in Iloilo City. He was appointed as the National Secretary-General of JCI Philippines in 2017. The following year, 2018, he was appointed as the National Chairman for TOYM Foundation, PLDT, and The Outstanding Young Men and Women of JCI Philippines.

This year, 2019, he was elected as the Vice President for Metro Area, JCI Philippines. His latest mandated responsibility is the National President of JCI Philippines for 2020. Pres. David wholeheartedly accepted this new leadership with vigor, enthusiasm, gratitude, and hope. 

Read his heartfelt message for every JCI Philippines member and chapter:

My dear JCI Philippines family,

First, I wish to express my deepest gratitude for your support. I am humbled to have your support and even more committed to prove that your trust and confidence in me is not misplaced.

It has been indeed a colorful JCI journey for me. I have been a member since 2005 and all my experiences since Day 1 have prepared me for this position. It has not been an easy road—this journey has had its share of twists and turns. But as with everything else in life, God will make things beautiful in His time---always in His perfect time. I believe He has led me to disheartening defeats and different positions so as to mold and motivate me into the person and leader I am today. 
But you see, it’s not about how hard you got hit but how you were able to withstand all the shrapnel and come out of the rubble unscathed — a victor, a survivor. You must keep on soldiering on, ready to win your next battle. 

How many of you are fans of rocky? I just want to share this conversation between rocky and his son...

“Let me tell you something you already know. The world ain’t all sunshine and rainbows. It’s a very mean and nasty place and I don’t care how tough you are it will beat you to your knees and keep you there permanently if you let it. You, me, or nobody is gonna hit as hard as life. But it ain’t about how hard ya hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. How much you can take and keep moving forward. That’s how winning is done.”

When you win, people only see your victory. What they don’t always get to see, however, are the blood, sweat, and tears that were shed to be triumphant. I submit, however, that in our JCI life, the real victory is creating immeasurable positive change in our communities, developing a new generation of leaders, and building lasting friendships. To achieve that victory entails sleepless nights of meetings and project preparations, thinning wallets, and even physical exhaustion. 

I wish to congratulate my fellow JCI members - NE Kerby and NT Jude, the AVP and RVP candidates who have been elected to the National Board. I look forward to serving alongside each and every one of you. A wall is just as strong as its weakest point. Hence, our challenge as the 2020 NB is not only to develop ourselves and JCI Philippines. It is also to support and encourage our fellow JCI members to develop and improve such that our National Organization will be indestructible.

To the 2019 National Board, you have provided us with a sturdy foundation. We have seen what unity and common purpose can bring for the betterment of our Organization. We only have to strengthen it further. 

I wish to thank my JCI Parañaque Pambato brothers, our past presidents: PP Nesty, PP Louie, PP Doc Tootz, PP Josel, PP Bobby, PP Dick... my Pambato Wolf Pack: PP Alvin, PP Edward, PP Julio, PP Jeff, PP Matt, VP F John, VP Maykel, to the 2018 Pambato Board led by Pres FJ and last, to my president, Pres PA. You have known about my dream since Day 1 and have never faltered in helping me reach it. 

Thank you also to my Metro Area family, serving you has been one of the greatest learning experiences I’ve had. I hope I can share to the whole JCI Philippines organization the values we have developed in Area 2 for a better JCI Philippines.

To my Mentors: NP Hegem, NP Ivan, NP Ryan, NP Dennis, NP Fulbert, NP Mabel, NP Rip, NP Maeng, NS Eds, GLC Jojo, Tito Rey, Ninong Timmy, GLC Weng, NED Jeff and to those who have been continuously guiding and teaching me how to be a better leader for JCI Philippines, Maraming Salamat sa inyo. 

To my brothers - NP PJ, NP Rix, NT Paul, Cong Alfred, NSG Raymond, and to all who helped Mold and Motivate me and supported my campaign, I can never find the words how to thank you all.

To the whole JCI Philippines, my most heartfelt gratitude for your confidence that gave me the push I need to grab the opportunity. I will always be forever grateful to each and every one of you.

Allow me to thank my Mom and Dad, my siblings - Jeff, Mariel, and Matt for all the support that anyone can ask. You have understood what this opportunity to serve meant for me and you have been with me each step of the way. I am sure that the coming year will be far from easy. However, I will neither cower from fear nor run from adversity as I know that you are all beside me through this challenge.

Last but definitely not the least, Thank You, Lord God. You make all things beautiful in Your perfect time. May You guide me in this undertaking.

My fellow JCI members, Let us work together to build a better JCI Philippines---a stronger nation and win together in 2020!

Vision 2020 chant: Mabuhay ang JCI Philippines! Mabuhay po tayong lahat!

JCI Philippines members are rallying their full-pledged support behind National President Mark David to claim its successful term for the upcoming 2020. Truly, nothing is impossible among great men who work for noble and purposeful goals.

Lunes, Oktubre 14, 2019

A Story of Growth and Excellence: How JCI Bataan, My Hometown Chapter, Rise to Become 2019 Most Outstanding New Local Organization of JCI Philippines

Every milestone and success begins with dreaming of huge goals and taking the corresponding actions. JCI Bataan is a testament to a wonderful story of growth and excellence. My hometown chapter had gone a long way from who we are years ago to the recently awarded “Most Outstanding New Local Organization” of JCI Philippines for 2019.
JCI Bataan Winning the Best New Local Organization Temiong Awards

Let me share our story of determination and triumph. May it become an inspiration too for every starting organization, company, and advocacy group.

Started With A Vision

Last 2018, I, the “VoiceMaster” Pocholo De Leon Gonzales, was the JCI Makati President. Little did I know one of our members, Abul Khayr Alonto II, came from my beloved hometown in Bataan. Long before I became the President of JCI Makati Abul already recognizes me as the son of Luis Gonzales, my father who served before as the Municipal Administrator of Mariveles, Bataan.

He joined JCI Makati upon invitation of our then 2018 Executive Vice President Kurt Soliman. Meeting Abul is an alignment of great minds for our vision for JCI Bataan. I motivated and encouraged him to charter JCI Bataan, together with BJ Banzon. Abul became the President while BJ was the EVP of JCI Bataan.

He successfully steered JCI Bataan under his almost two-year leadership towards fast-tracked changes and progress. Only last year, June 2, 2018, and with my persistent lobbying, JCI Bataan was formally accepted in the JCI Philippines exclusive network. Pres. Abul joined the President’s Academy held last October 2018 in Lanao Del Norte. 

Endless Pursuit for Learning

This 3-day academy was an avenue of learning and experience for every chapter president. They discovered more how JCI develops its members, 18-40 years of age, to dedicated future leaders in their respective industries and professions. They learned the decades-long history of JCI which was founded in the United States in 1915 and in the Philippines in 1947. 

The chapter presidents learned the comprehensive processes as to how they utilize parliamentarily procedure to layout and accomplish programs using its patented Active Citizen Framework. This is important for the continuous creation of a positive impact for JCI’s responsibilities being a non-nation member of the United Nations in representing the world youth. 

As I still guide and direct JCI Bataan to the best ways I can, Pres. Abul. applied the learnings and collaborations from the Presidents’ Academy for the further growth and progress of JCI Bataan. At present, they have 26 active members and have instilled the strategy “AIM to GROW: Activate Impactful Motivators to become Goal-Oriented, Realistic, Open, and Ways-Forward-Thinking” for their goals. 

Concrete Actions Benefitting Communities
Last 2018, JCI Bataan have accomplished programs with the partnership of more established chapters including JCI Makati, JCI Olongapo, JCI Iligan, JCI Angeles City Culiat, JCI Quezon City Capitol, and even JCI Philippines when 2019 National President PJ Estrellado have risen up to the call of duty when he personally helped in distributing relief goods to the fire victims in Brgy. Capunitan, Orion Bataan. 


Also,  JCI Bataan collaborated with the City Government of Balanga, Bataan in bringing the Philippine Franchise Association for two consecutive years. They worked for the common goal of promoting franchising as a significant opportunity for job generation and entrepreneurship.

JCI Bataan kept on growing until such time they held a ceremonial induction night on Balanga City, Bataan last March 16, 2019. They invited guest speaker Hon. Joet Garcia, Representative of 2nd District of Bataan to share his advocacy for the youth of Bataan. 
Fulfillment of the Vision

My vision in JCI Bataan did not only materialize but they successfully have shattered standards and exceeded expectations under the leadership of Pres. Abul Khayr Alonto II. They are worthy of being the recipient of the 2019 “Most Outstanding New Local Organization” Temiong Award bestowed by JCI Philippines---a young chapter that already gained so much growth in such a short time. The Temiong Award is the highest distinction given to members or chapters for their extraordinary achievement.
JCI Bataan will continue to cultivate the JCI core values while upholding the 1Bataan vision to every initiative project and for the welfare of our countrymen. I, the VoiceMaster, will continue to do my part to ensure JCI Bataan grows steadily as they reach more milestones in the future.

The VoiceMaster Joins His JCI Makati Brothers in the JCI Philippines’ 71st National Convention at Naga City

An assembly of the best and brightest happened on the 71st National Convention of JCI Philippines at Naga City on October 10-12, 2019. Different chapters of JCI Philippines attended including JCI Makati. The 3-day convention has various activities that provided abundant learnings and strengthened the camaraderie of members.
In the convention, the National Training Summit was conducted with prominent speakers and trainers. This year’s theme is “Empowering Catalysts of Change” For the “Executive Series #InspireYouth”, here are the speakers along with their topics:
  • Christian B. Clemeno (2018 National Chairman, Integrated Marketing and Communication) “Be the Best Secretary You Can Be!” (Prep Course for LO Secretaries)
  • Gleendo Dasmariñas (Most Outstanding Trainer in Asia-Pacific) “Crafting Your Own Training Module”
  • Norianne Lou S. Frondoza (2019 National Training Director)Leading Your Organization's Training Journey (Prep Course for LTDs, RTDs, and ATDs)
  • Alfred Vargas (2017 LO President, JCI QC Capitol) How to Keep Your Members (Tips for Member Retention)
As for the “Trainer Series #InspireChange”, the following are the speakers and their topics:
  • Raymund Mondi Germinal (2019 Most Outstanding Trainer for Area 3)Effective Communications 1 (JCI Official Course)
  • Randolph Pilapil (2019 Most Outstanding Trainer for Area 2)Training Strategies 101 (Keeping Up with Millenials)
  • Dennis L. Cunanan (2014 JCI World Secretary-General)Active Citizens Framework
The National Convention also held other worthwhile events such as Basketball Game for Peace, JCI Philippines National Public Speaking Championship, Ms. JCI Philippines, and Presidents Academy 2020. These solidify the connection among members and helped them envision their goals towards a more prosperous growth in the coming year.
In addition, JCI Makati spent their time well by conducting meetings in between these activities to align their goals and actions for their succeeding projects in the remaining months of 2019 and to kickstart 2020 too.
Watch this video as JCI Naga welcomes delegates for the JCI Philippines 71st National Convention.

JCI Makati Wins Multiple Awards in JCI Philippines National Convention 2019

JCI Makati successfully bagged multiple awards in the recently concluded JCI Philippines 71st National Convention in Naga City last Oct 8-10, 2019. They brought home not just one or two, but four huge awards in the aforementioned yearly convention.

Image may contain: 8 people, people smiling, indoor

First, JCI Makati won the highly coveted Temiong Award for the “Best Fund Raising Program” category. The Temiong Award is the most prestigious award and highest recognition bestowed to a JCI member or chapter. With numerous initiative accomplished and planned projects, the chapter always finds ways to raise abundant funds to support their advocacy programs.

Temiong Award: Highest Recognition Awarded to JCI Member or Chapter

Next, they are the recipient of the Merit Award for the “Best Cultural Affairs Program”. JCI Makati is a staunch supporter of keeping Filipino culture and traditions alive. They have extended assistance to various projects benefitting the cultural preservation and for the welfare of our indigenous communities.

Some of the worthwhile projects initiated by JCI Makati are Bean of Hope, Uplift Launch, Agribusiness Event, Project Yakap, The One Big JCI Project RGY, Lakbay Museo, and PINC Positive Impact on Nation's Change. JCI Makati serves their cause empowers different sectors with these collaborative projects.

Image may contain: 16 people, including Jhopet Fines and Joey Garcia, people smiling, people standing

JCI Makati was also conferred the “Gold Seal of Efficiency” and the overall “NATCON Debate Championship”. Truly, every member and leader embodied their mantra of “Brotherhood of Greatness”. Excellence is not simply a goal for them, but the lifestyle of every member. Thus, it easily resonates in their commitment and accomplishments. The incoming 2020 looks more promising under the leadership of President-Elect 

The Temiong Award for “Best New Local Organization” was given to a rising chapter, JCI Bataan. The VoiceMaster, who has spent time and effort for both chapters, can’t help but feel proud and reminisce great memories. In his Facebook post dated Oct 13, 2019, he shared:

In 2015, I was the VP of JCI Makati and won Temiong Awards and this year 2019, I'm the IPP of JCI Makati we've won 1 Merit Award and 2 Temiong Awards together with JCI Bataan. I'm so proud of this achievement. This award is dedicated to the hardship of the Brotherhood of Greatness. Jci Makati 2018 and Beyond.

The awards served as inspiration for both JCI Makati and JCI Bataan chapters to continue excelling and be relentless in pursuing their yearly goals.