Miyerkules, Nobyembre 27, 2019

JCI Makati Members Convened For 3rd General Membership Meeting

JCI Makati leaders headed by Pres. Joey Garcia with Master Hanz Cua and Atty. Lesley Cordero

JCI Makati members convened for a meaningful and productive 3rd general meeting assembly for the current year, 2019. It was held at Max's Restaurant last November 27, 2019. 

The first talk is about "Opportunity to Impact" delivered by trainer and past president JCI Sen. Hubert Qua. Next, is the "Synergy in Action" given by keynote speaker Atty. Lesley Cordero of World Bank who gave helpful information on Disaster Risk Management Preparedness.

JCI Makati members attentively listening
Afterward, Master Hanz Cua shared an entertaining discussion on "Feng Shui Prosperity and Abundance". The Feng Shui expert is among the newest members of JCI Makati. For the "Introduction to Lyka" and "Introduction to Advocate Change Club", these were presented by speakers Michael Lim and Vince Sahagun, respectively. 

JCI Makati leaders Pres. Joey Garcia, EVP Lance Tan, and former presidents Kurt Soliman, and Pocholo Gonzales

JCI Makati leaders headed by Pres. Joey Garcia, EVP Lance Tan, VP Karlo Hain, VP Elmar Nabisa, VP Mark Lester Lico, VP Arthur Zara, and former presidents Kurt Soliman and Pocholo Gonzales are some of the attendees of the general meeting assembly. It was hosted by Dir. Choti Maniago.

Huwebes, Nobyembre 21, 2019

PINC Congress, Largest Youth Convention Event Of The Year Ended On A High Note; JCI Makati Members Celebrated This Milestone

5,000 Youth Attendees for PINC Congress

PINC Congress was a successful event that happened last November 18, 2019, at Cuneta Astrodome, Pasay City. It was the largest youth convention of the year joined by more than 5,000 students from different schools in Pasay. The half-day program was packed with insightful learning from the guest speakers invited by JCI Makati.

As early as 7:00 AM, the attendees were lining up at the registration area. Each attendee was given a number stub. The program officially started at around 8:00 AM. It was followed by a doxology, singing of the Philippine National Anthem, and declaration of JCI Creed. Next, performers and artists of Lakbay Museo presented a special production number. 

JCI Philippines Chapters on stage proudly carrying their banners

The welcome remarks was given by Mr. Mark David, 2020 JCI Philippines National President. He extended his gratitude to everyone who collaborated with JCI Makati and to the students who participated in the PINC Congress.

For the first speaker, Consul General Robert Lim Joseph explained the significance of Mental Health Awareness. He encouraged the attendees to be an encourager and fight the stigma surrounding the mental health-related issues.

Consul General Robert Lim Joseph for Mental Health Awareness discussion

Afterward, Mr. Ico Rodulfo Johnson discussed HIV Awareness to the attendees. The second speaker is an HIV awareness advocate. He emphasized the importance of educating the public on how to prevent contracting the virus and how to seek help for loved ones whom they know might be susceptible to HIV.

Mr. Ico Rodulfo Johnson explaining HIV Awareness

The third speaker was Former BIR Commissioner Kim Henares. Being a proud and dedicated accountant and auditor, she explained why even at a young age, Financial Literacy is a core knowledge. She told the students to match their lifestyle with the budget they have, and even saving P10 per day can help them start a frugal lifestyle.

Former BIR Commissioner Kim Henares for Financial Literacy
The next speaker was Atty. Carol Cruz, Chief of Staff of Cong. Joey Salceda. As the congressman had an abrupt meeting in the House of Representatives, Atty. Cruz went to PINC Congress in his behalf. She shared essential life lessons especially she grew up in poverty from her humble beginning in Mindanao. Hardwork, look back to those who helped you, gratitude, and embracing the beauty of life are her reminders for the youth.

Atty. Carol Cruz sharing important life lessons
For the fifth speaker, Renan Morales, he elaborated on Drug Awareness by addressing that it is a brain disease. Anyone addicted only needs help and support in their recovery. He explained that addiction is not limited to drugs and alcoholism, as it may also happen when people are dangerously attached to their relationship, career, or material possessions. 

Renan Morales for Drug Awareness topic

Then, JCI Makati President Joey Garcia proudly did the introduction for Pasay City Mayor Imelda "Emy" Calixto. The good mayor of Pasay City, as the keynote speaker, shared her gratitude to JCI Makati for choosing their city as the recipient of the week-long PINC events and this youth convention congress. She acknowledged their past contributions to Pasay City. 

Pasay City Mayor Imelda "Emy" Calixto as keynote speaker

A special intermission number from a world-class performer took place after the keynote address of Pasay City Mayor Emy Calixto. Mr. Normando Macalinao, a magician based in UAE and performed for different Hollywood celebrities, amazed the crowd with his card and money tricks. The students excitedly participated as he asked for volunteers in performing the magic tricks.

World-class magician Normando Macalinao doing tricks with volunteers from the crowd
The last speaker was Cong. Geraldine Roman. She was the first elected transgender woman in the House of Representatives. She discussed the importance of Gender Equality and to stand up against discrimination. Acknowledging the basic rights of every citizen in the Philippines is what she's fighting for, regardless of the gender orientation, religion, beliefs, or socioeconomic status.

Congresswoman Geraldine Roman discussing Gender Equality

JCI Makati members and other JCI Philippines chapters headed by Luigi Rubiano surprised the attendees with their raffle draw courtesy of Cherry Mobile. 13 units of Cherry Mobile Flare Y7 and 5 units of Cherry Mobile Tablets were given for the minor and major prizes. The lucky winners were picked from electronic raffle draw of their numbers from the earlier registration. 

After the raffle draw, Center for Pop Music Philippines' homegrown artists performed on their respectively solo numbers. Each of them delivered a spectacular rendition of their chosen songs. While they were performing, the AVP of the week-long PINC events was playing on the LED Screen.

Proud raffle winner of Cherry Mobile Flare Y7
The PINC Congress ended on a high note for everyone. JCI Makati President extended their warmest gratitude to the sponsors, media partners, schools, and City Government of Pasay that collaborated with them for the entire week of activities and for the biggest youth convention of the year.

Jam-packed Cuneta Astrodome for PINC Congress

PINC was made possible with sponsors CreativSounds Studio, CreatiVoices Productions, Orocan, Doña Maria, Urban Smiles, Mr. Babba Shawarma, A Thousand Concepts Inc., Tokyo Joe, Cherry Mobile, Satur Solutions, Center for Pop Music, Reyes Haircutters, Smootea, and RaiRaiKen to name some. 

The media partners were When in Manila, Inquirer, Business Mirror, and Business World SparkUp. Partner organizations and schools are Arellano University, City University of Pasay, and National Youth Commission together with City Government of Pasay.

Panorama view of Cuneta Astrodome for on-going PINC Congress

JCI Makati looks forward to 2020 with more initiative projects in mind to serve more communities and beneficiaries with their selfless actions.

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Lunes, Nobyembre 18, 2019

Sixth Day of PINC Events Attended By JCI Makati Members Ready To Do The Challenging Work

Last November 17, 2019, PINC events was on its sixth day. As it nears to its last remaining projects, JCI Makati members still relentless spent time and did the extra hard work.

At around 8:00AM, the "Team Up, Clean Up" took place in different areas including Barangay 171, 178, 180, 181, 182, and 186 in Pasay City. This was a coastal clean-up drive wherein the JCI Makati members along with volunteers were willing to go down and dirty in finishing the cleaning task.

At 9:00AM, the "Disaster Risk Reduction" event happened in Pasay Tourism Center. The seminar provided tips and recommendations to raise awareness. 

In the afternoon at 1:00PM, the "Park Rehabilitation Program" occurred in Malibay Plaza. With donated playpens for the kids and clean-up of the area, the park becomes more child-friendly and safer to enjoy and roam around for them.

JCI Makati is always committed to serve with their Brotherhood of Greatness. PINC events are a testament to their dedication.

Sabado, Nobyembre 16, 2019

A Colorful Fifth Day Of PINC Events; JCI Makati Members Eagerly Participated With Their Family Members

JCI Makati members with volunteers for Pinta: Art Attack

JCI Makati continued on its week-long holistic PINC events last Saturday, November 16, 2019. On its 5th day, not only the JCI Makati Members and City Government of Pasay City joined hands for the events as their family members happily volunteered to be a part of this meaningful project.

Volunteers choose their area to paint on the wall
A sunny morning, around 7:00 AM, greeted the volunteers for "Pinta: Art Attack". It's a mural painting activity for the beautification through the proper use of visual arts along the walls of M. Dela Cruz Street, Pasay City. Incoming 2020 JCI Makati President Joey Garcia showed his passion for art along with one of his children in this colorful event. Other kids and teenagers also joined to share their gift for art in "Pinta: Art Attack".

At 10:00 AM, the "Juan Water" took place in Cuyegking Health Center. This project aims to provide more supply of clean and potable water for the residents in the nearby area. 

Book donations to City University of Pasay
At 1:00 PM, the City University of Pasay received a great gift from JCI Makati through the event "Pahina: Kaalaman Para sa Kinabukasan". This was a book donation drive for the benefit of the students of the said university. Both old and newly purchased books were delivered to the City University of Pasay Grounds.

JCI Makati President Joey Garcia concentrating on his calligraphy on the mural painting
JCI Makati Members relentlessly work hard to ensure they can help more people in every project they initiated and implements. This is the true epitome of the Brotherhood of Greatness.

Selfless Services Of JCI Makati Members On The Fourth Day Of PINC For The Residents Of Pasay City

JCI Makati President Joey Garcia with LGU staff, volunteers, and attendees of the livelihood seminar

JCI Makati's PINC event on the fourth day, November 16, 2019, have done selfless services for the residents of Pasay City who are the beneficiaries. Incoming 2020 President Joey Garcia and Executive Vice President Lance Tan participated in the three events along with other fellow members, volunteers, and staff from the City Government of Pasay.

Free Cosmetology Seminar at SK Zone 12, Pasay City

JCI Makati President Joey Garcia and Executive Vice President Lance Tan joining the free cosmetology seminar

At 8:00 AM, "Gunting at Suklay" was conducted with the partnership of The Reyes Haircutters. This was a free cosmetology seminar for the residents of SK Zone 12, Pasay City. The attendees had a free haircut and free tips to properly take care of their hair.

Around 9:00 AM, "Kaalaman at Puhunan" took place in Barangay 183, Pasay City. It's a livelihood seminar wherein women, both single and homemakers eagerly learned from the Titan of Japanese food concept and JCI Makati President Joey Garcia. He taught them in preparing maki and sushi rolls which are one of the top favorites in RaiRaiKen restaurant. 

JCI Makati President Joey Garcia teaching attendees how to make sushi and maki rolls

In the afternoon at 1:00 PM, "Dugo Mo, Buhay Ko", a blood-letting donation drive happened in Malibay Plaza, Pasay City. It is important to donate blood to replenish one's own with new platelets while helping hospitals and blood banks ensure sufficient supplies for the recipient patients.

JCI Makati President Joey Garcia and Executive Vice President Lance Tan with volunteers for blood letting donation drive

Volunteers taking part in the blood-letting donation drive

JCI Makati members were greeted with warm smiles from the beneficiaries of their initiative projects for PINC. The Brotherhood of Greatness never stops in serving more people and communities. 

Huwebes, Nobyembre 14, 2019

Third Day of PINC Events Gave Brighter Smiles To Beneficiaries; JCI Makati Members Extended Support For The Operations Of Every Event

JCI Makati members with LGU staff for "Busog, Lusog, Talino"

The third day of the PINC event last November 14, 2019, was attended by hundreds of beneficiaries from the Pasay City. JCI Makati, together with the local government unit of Pasay and initiative groups ensured the success of the three simultaneous events.

On-going feeding program


Kids of Barangay 182 awaits for the feeding program

At 9:00AM, the three events started and one of them was "Ngiti", a dental mission conducted in Barangay 180, Pasay City. It was made possible with the collaboration of Alpha Phi Omega, Urban Smiles, and LGU of Pasay City. Another event was the "Sagip Kalusugan", a medical mission that happened in Barangay 184, Pasay City. 

JCI Makati President Joey Garcia and Executive Vice President Lance Tan with Pasay City LGU staff for the dental mission

The third event that took place on Barangay 182, Pasay City was "Busog, Lusog, Talino". It was a feeding program that provided free meals to more than 300 beneficiaries. 

Incoming 2020 JCI Makati President Joey Garcia and Executive Vice President Lance Tan oversee the duration of the events.

The volunteer dentist checking her patient

Hundreds of beneficiaries had a better smile after the dental mission

With the partnership of JCI Makati, Alpha Phi Omega, Urban Smiles, generous sponsors and other anonymous donors, the third day of PINC events brighten the smiles of their beneficiaries.

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Miyerkules, Nobyembre 13, 2019

Second Day Of PINC Events Received Positive And Grateful Response From Communities: Fellow JCI Makati Leaders And Members Also Participated

Incoming 2020 JCI Makati President Joey Garcia leads the Hanapbuhay event for the 2nd day of PINC

JCI Makati leaders and members had another fulfilling time as they completed the events lined up for the second day of PINC (Positive Impact on Nation's Change) last November 13, 2019. Incoming 2020 President Joey Garcia and Executive Vice President Lance Tan are among those who have participated.

JCI Makati Executive Vice President Lance Tan and President Joey Garcia attended Hanapbuhay event

At 9:00 AM, a job-fair event entitled "Hanapbuhay" started in the Session Hall, 4th Floor of the Pasay City Hall. Hundreds of both Pasay citizens and from neighboring cities. Qualified applicants were hired on the spot and can start reporting on their job immediately.

Light Up PH with Pasay City students, teachers, LGU staff, and JCI Makati members

"Light Up PH" is another morning event for the second day of PINC. This was an eco-lamp seminar raising awareness of environmental-friendly alternatives for everyday use of important item such as the lamp or a light source. This was made possible with the support of students, teachers, and the team from Councilor Joey Calixto Isidro.

"Alamin Ang Iyong Karapatan" was simultaneously held as well. It was a free legal counseling session from the lawyers and members of Alpha Phi Omega brotherhood and with the help of Pasay Ambassador for Youth Luigi Rubiano.

Free legal counseling session courtesy of Alpha Phi Omega brotherhood

An on-going interview conducted by a participating company in the job fair
Lastly, "Postura" was a personality and knowledge development seminar that was conducted in the City University of Pasay. The learnings from this seminar boosted the self-confidence of the attendees especially in the aspect of properly presenting themselves. 2018 JCI Makati President and The VoiceMaster Pocholo Gonzales was the speaker for this meaningful seminar.

The VoiceMaster Pocholo Gonzales delivers his talk for Posture, a personality development seminar
The second day of PINC events was a huge success as more citizens benefited in addition to the first-day events together with the collaboration of the Local Government of Pasay City. Indeed, JCI Makati upholds being true servicemen for fellow Filipinos.
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Martes, Nobyembre 12, 2019

A Successful Start For Day 1 Of PINC Events: JCI Makati Members Immersed With The Communities They Served

JCI Makati President Joey Garcia and Executive Vice President Lance Tan for "Plastic Mo, Bigas Ko" Project
Day 1 of PINC series of the event was a huge success with the collaboration of JCI Makati members and the local government units of Pasay City last November 12, 2019.

The series of events were spearheaded by 2020 incoming JCI Makati President Joey Garcia and Executive Vice President Lance Tan.
Joey Garcia and Lance Tan with Pasay LGU staff, BJMP, and volunteers

JCI Makati leaders Joey Garcia and Lance Tan cooperating for "1 Punla, 1 Binhi, 1 Mithi" Project
The first event was "1 Punla, 1 Binhi, 1 Mithi" that took place in Pasay Tourism Center. It is a tree-planting project conducted along Taft Avenue. Planting more trees helps in reducing urban pollution and cooling temperatures. It was made possible through the help as well ofPasay City Mayor Emi Calixto, Councilor Joey Calixto Isidro, Pasay City Tourism Council Exec. Dir. Mrs Tess Robles, BJMP, the barangay captains and kagawad's of Pasay. 

JCI Makati Pres Joey Garcia and EVP Lance Tan handing out the rice in exchange of residents' plastic waste

For the second event, it was the "Plastic Mo, Bigas Ko" that happened in the same venue. The project aims to reduce plastic waste through a rice incentive system. The chosen household owners received a bag of Dona Maria brown rice for the plastic waste they gave. The collected plastics will be sold to junk shops for recycling and proceeds will be donated to Brgy.110 under Chairwoman Luz Santos.

Getting ready for the tree-planting project with JCI Makati leaders Joey Garcia and Lance Tan
Lastly, the third event was "Basura Mo, Buhay Ko" wherein JCI Makati members distributed trash bins donated by Orocan Plastic Corporation for the different barangays of Zone 6, Pasay City.

Orocan Plastic Corporation donated trash bins
for the "Basura Mo, Buhay Ko" project
led by JCI Makati Pres Joey Garcia and EVP Lance Tan
JCI Makati members are thankful for every sponsor and local government unit officials and staff for extending their generosity and support in the first-day event of PINC.

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Lunes, Nobyembre 11, 2019

JCI Launches PINC (Positive Impact on Nation’s Change): The Brotherhood's Biggest Event To Date In Serving People

JCI Makati with the guiding principles of “Brotherhood of Greatness” and “We Men Care” launches PINC or Positive Impact on Nation’s Change their biggest event to date from November 12-18, 2019 across different venues within Metro Manila.

It covers a week-long series of holistic programs for the benefit of numerous attendees, especially for women. The following are the scheduled events from Nov. 12-17:

Nov. 12:
  • 1 Punla, 1 Binhi, 1 Mithi - 8:00 AM (Tree Planting Project) Pasay Tourism Center
  • Plastic Mo, Bigas Ko - 9:00 AM (Trash To Plate) Pasay Tourism Center
  • Basura Mo, Buhay Ko - 10:00 AM (Waste Management) Zone 6, Pasay City
Nov. 13:
  • Hanap Buhay - 9:00 AM (Job Fair) Session Hall, 4th Floor, Pasay City Hall
  • Alamin Ang Iyong Karapatan - 9:00 AM (Legal Counseling) Legal Council Office, Pasay City
  • Postura - 9:00 AM (Personality And Knowledge Development) Session Hall, 4th Floor, Pasay City Hall
Nov. 14:
  • Ngiti - 9:00 AM (Dental Mission) Barangay 180, Pasay City
  • Sagip Kalusugan - 9:00 AM (Medical Mission) Barangay 184, Pasay City
  • Busog, Lusog, Talino - 9:00 AM (Feeding Program) Barangay 182, Pasay City
Nov. 15:
  • Kaalaman At Puhunan - 9:00 AM (Livelihood) Barangay 183, Pasay City
  • Gunting At Suklay - 8:00 AM (Cosmetology Seminar) SK Zone 12, Pasay City
  • Dugo Mo, Buhay Ko - 1:00 PM (Blood Donation) Malibay Plaza, Pasay City
Nov. 16:
  • Pahina: Kaalaman Para Sa Kinabukasan - 1:00 PM (Book Donation) City University of Pasay Grounds
  • Pinta: Art Attack - 7:00 AM (Painting Activity) M. Dela Cruz, Pasay City 
  • Juan Water - Pasay City
Nov. 17:
  • Light Up PH - 9:00 AM (Ecotabang Solar Lamp) Pasay Tourism Center
  • Team Up, Clean Up - 8:00 AM (Coastal Clean-up Drive) Barangay 171, 178, 180, 181, 182, and 186 Pasay City
  • Park Rehabilitation Program - 1:00 PM Malibay Plaza
  • Disaster Risk Reduction - 9:00 AM Pasay Tourism Center
Nov. 18:
PINC Congress 2019 - 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM Cuneta Astrodome

PINC Congress will have featured guest speakers including Cong. Geraldine Roman (1st District of Bataan Congresswoman), Robert Lim Joseph (President, Tourism Educators and Movers), Kim Henares (Former BIR Commissioner), Cong. Joey Sarte Salceda (2nd District of Albay Congressman
Chairman, Committee on Ways and Means), Ico Rodulfo Johnson (President and CEO
Project Red Ribbon), and Renan Morales (Ambassador of Goodwill United Defenders for Democracy and Sovereignty).

This huge initiative project of JCI Makati is with the collaboration from Arellano University, National Youth Commission, and City Government of Pasay. It is expected to have more than 5,000 attendees for the PINC Congress in Cuneta Astrodome.

Titan and 2020 JCI Makati President Joey Garcia explains their pledge and commitment behind PINC
The brotherhood of Alpha Phi Omega has extended their generosity because their members who are doctors and lawyers have pledged to provide free legal, medical, and dental services in the PINC event scheduled for Nov. 14. 2019.

The press conference and launch was spearheaded by Titan Golden Boy and incoming 2020 JCI Makati President Joey Garcia along with Pasay Councilor Joey Calixto Isidro and Pasay Youth Ambassador Luigi Rubiano. Also present in this milestone launch are JCI Makati Executive Vice President Lawrence Li Tan (owner and president of Lakbay Museo and Dessert Museum), 2018 JCI Makati President Pocholo Gonzales, Alphi Phi Omega NCR Regional Director Archie Bugarin, Alphi Phi Omega Member Ponce Abastillas, and City University of Pasay Acting President Dr. Rosarie Estuche.

PINC is a manifestation of JCI Makati's continuous excellence and integrity to serve communities with their skills, time, resources, and commitment. Truly, this Brotherhood of Greatness has selfless acts for the benefit of different sectors and more communities.

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