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Passi City Young Leaders’ Bootcamp 2017

Passi City Young Leaders’ Bootcamp 2017

             Founded on the principles of unity, camaraderie, volunteerism, and service, the team behind High FYV or “Highlight the Impact. Forward, Youth Volunteers” in cooperation with JCI Makati is proud to organize the Passi City Young Leaders’ Bootcamp 2017 with the theme – “Beyond Thinking Forward” on December 9-10, 2017 at Passi I Central School, located in the Sweet City in the Heart of Panay, Passi City, Iloilo. This 2-day leadership bootcamp will engage Passinhon young leaders towards youth empowerment promoting the cultural identity and principles of ASEAN and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

This leadership bootcamp is also supported by DepED – Schools Division of Passi City, Passi City LGU, and Borres Youth Leadership Institute with the Voice of the Youth (VoTY) as the official media partner.

High FYV and JCI Makati believes in the capacity of the youth to contribute meaningfully in addressing various issues and problems towards the attainment of the 17 SDGs. Through this leadership bootcamp, Passinhon young leaders will be able to gather relevant insights and discuss among themselves strategic solutions that are deemed relevant and sustainable in addressing identified problems in their respective schools and communities.

          Further, the Passi City Young Leaders’ Bootcamp 2017 aims to:
a.    capacitate Passinhon young leaders towards youth leadership development highlighting the significant role of the youth in advancing innovative ideas and solutions in the community;
b.    engage Passinhon young leaders in maximizing their leadership skills through meaningful interaction, plenary sessions, team dynamics, and  strategy formulation;
c.    provide opportunities for the Passinhon young leaders to develop their leadership skills and values by advocating the High FYV brand of leadership strategy called the“Act-Generate-Engage” (AGE) principle

The participants to this leadership bootcamp are Grade 7 to 10 Junior High School students and Grade 11 and 12 Senior High School students from both public and private secondary schools in Passi City who are elected officers in their respective SSG and other co-curricular clubs or organizations for S.Y. 2017-2018.

This year’s leadership bootcamp is proud to offer the following exciting activities for Passinhon young leaders:

Opening Ceremony and Plenary Session
The Passi City Young Leaders’ Bootcamp 2017 will officially start with an opening ceremony followed by the plenary session featuring some respectable resource speakers in the country.

Youth-for-Youth Legacy Forum
Another exciting activity during the camp is the Youth-for-Youth Legacy Forum, where in the participants will be clustered into 5 subgroups for the simultaneous breakout sessions with the following themes:
a.    The Digital Millenials: Youth Empowerment and Social Media Literacy
b.    DRRM and You: Being Aware, Getting Prepared, and Being Involved
c.     Going Global: The Ultimate China and ASEAN Youth Experience
d.    Basics of Photography                                                       
e.    Connecting with the World: A Talk on Global Social Awareness

ASEAN and UN Quiz Challenge
At the camp, representatives from different schools will also participate in the ASEAN and UN Quiz Challenge giving emphasis on the relevant information about the ASEAN, United Nations, and United Nations Sustainable Development Agenda 2030.

Phone Photography with Essay Competition
There will also be a phone photography with essay competition which is open to all registered campers. They can use any smartphone unit capable of taking good resolution photos that promote any of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Their entries together with a short essay shall be posted in The High FYV Project Facebook page. The 10 best photos and 1 online favorite shall be awarded during the closing ceremony.

ASEAN Night Parade and Search for ASEAN Youth Advocacy Icons
Passinhon young leaders will also be engaged in meaningful and fun activities during the ASEAN Night Parade and Search for ASEAN Youth Advocacy Icons. Campers will also be given the chance to wear cultural attires of their chosen ASEAN-member countries.

The Think Tank Workshop
Another interesting activity at the camp is the Think Tank Workshop which will give the campers an opportunity to think and act like social innovators and policy thinkers in developing localized and action-driven youth-led projects in their schools and communities that support their chosen SDGs.
The Diversity Race
This year’s Leadership Bootcamp will not be complete without the Diversity Race. This will engage the campers in various team building activities located in different stations that promote positive organizational values, cooperation and teamwork.

          So what are you waiting for? If you are an active and passionate Passinhon young leader who wants to develop your leadership potentials and create positive change in your community, join the first ever PASSI CITY YOUNG LEADERS’ BOOTCAMP 2017 and be part of something big.
          For inquiries, you may reach us through You can also hit the like button in our Facebook page “The High FYV Project” and connect with us right away.

Abanse, Passi! Abanse, Passinhon young leaders!


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