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The VoiceMaster Inspires Young Leaders in Passi, Iloilo

The Passi City Young Leaders’ Bootcamp 2017 was held on December 9 and 10 at the Passi I Central School in Passi City, Iloilo. This 2-day event engaged Passinhon young leaders towards the promotion of cultural identity and principles of ASEAN, as well as the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals or SDG’s. The opening day of the Bootcamp featured a plenary session which featured respectable speakers, including Filipino motivational speaker, Pocholo “The VoiceMaster” Gonzales.

Comm. Rhea of NYC. The VoiceMaster speaks at the Passi City Young Leader’s Bootcamp 2017
Pocholo talked about “passion-driven leadership,” where he laid the groundwork for the students to embody what it means to become a young leader. He introduced his life’s work as a youth advocate, and shared how he has taken numerous opportunities as a youth to be part of various youth programs both locally and internationally. Pocholo also spoke about the life of National Hero, Dr. Jose Rizal, and encouraged the students to view his as the epitome of Filipino greatness and excellence.
Pocholo talked about excellence, which was his transition to discuss his work as a voice artist. He showed a video featuring his company, Creativoices Productions, and even amazed the audience with his repertoire of voice impersonations of cartoon characters and famous celebrities. On a serious note, Pocholo emphasized that greatness is a choice, and that being passionate at what you do tops the list of tips to becoming successful in life.
Passinhon young leaders

Pocholo then shared his priniciple about discovering one’s purpose in life, and gave the students 5 simple but powerful questions to answer in order to discover their life purpose. He gave the audience a few minutes to do an activity, to write a letter to their “future self”. Pocholo instructed the students to write a letter to themselves in the year 2030, and envision that their future self has achieved their , dreams.
The 2-day bootcamp also included a Youth-for-Youth Legacy Forum, ASEAN and UN Quiz Challenge, Phone Photography with Essay Competition, ASEAN Night Parade and Search for ASEAN Youth Advocacy Icons, The Think Tank Workshop and The Diversity Race.
ASEAN and UN Quiz Challenge

The Passi City Young Leader’s Bootcamp 2017 is a project of High FYV or “Highlight the Impact. Forward, Youth Volunteers” in cooperation with JCI Makati.


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